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Configure OPAL

Both OPAL-Server and OPAL client provide multiple ways to load configuration:

  • via environment variables (prefixed with 'OPAL_')
  • via command line values
  • via a '.env' or '.ini' file.

You can combine configuration sources; be aware of the override rules: default < .env file < env variable < command line i.e. the settings in the env file override the defaults, but both env-variables and command line values override them.

What are the configuration variables available

To view the configuration settings for both OPAL-SERVER and OPAL-CLIENT you can do one of:

  • Run the server or client as a CLI - and use the '--help' command.
  • using the '--help' on specific commands such as 'run' will provide more information
  • Look at the configuration code itself:

Configuration architecture

OPAL's configuration is based on our very own Confi module, which in turn is based on Decouple, and adds complex value parsing with Pydantic, and command line arguments via Typer/Click.

Configuring logs

OPAL supports to log out puts - STDERR/STDOUT and a log file review the variables prefixed with LOG_ for the options.