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Welcome to OPAL 👋

OPAL stands for Open Policy Administration Layer. OPAL is an administration layer for Policy Engines such as Open Policy Agent (OPA), and AWS' Cedar Agent, allowing us to detect changes made to our policies and data, and thus pushing live real-time updates to your agents.

OPAL is designed to work with live applications, and bring policy to a real-time speed. As updates are pushed to application stores - this could be your Git, your databases, SaaS services and so on - OPAL will make sure the services are always in sync with the authorization data and policy they need, and more importantly, only the services that they need.

How do I start with OPAL?

We recommend that you:

  1. Get a quick understanding by reading the TL;DR article
  2. Explore the tutorials
  3. Play with OPAL's docker compose playground
OPAL Playground - taking your first steps

If you are new to OPAL and want to run step by step through setting up an OPAL playground - please follow the guide here.

Advanced OPAL Setup - for the brave, willing to discover the power of OPAL

With the advanced OPAL setup, there are two options you can choose:

  1. Running OPAL as Docker Images
  2. Running OPAL as Python Packages

Using AWS Cedar

Many of the docs use OPA as the main example agent, but OPAL works as smoothly with AWS Cedar.

Need help?

We are always eager to talk to fellow developers, and we'd be happy to help with anything regarding OPA, Cedar, OPAL, and the IAM flow in general.

💬 Slack Community

The easiest way to reach out to us is via our Slack community - you're welcome to join, ask questions, and see what others are asking / working on.

👩‍💻 GitHub

We use Github to manage support tickets, ongoing design discussions and keep track of out product roadmap.

You're welcome to join the conversation, open issues (bug reports, feature requests) and discussions (general questions / thoughts) across our suite of products:

📧 Email & Zoom

Do you have a more specific question? You can reach out to us via classic email at Want a deep dive with our team? You can even schedule a Zoom call with us.