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Welcome to OPAL 👋


Open Policy Administration Layer

OPAL is an administration layer for Policy Engines such as Open Policy Agent (OPA), and AWS' Cedar Agent. OPAL detects changes to both policy and policy data in realtime, and pushes live updates to your agents - briging open-policy up to the speed needed by live applications.

As your application state changes (whether it's via your APIs, DBs, git, S3 or 3rd-party SaaS services), OPAL will make sure your services are always in sync with the authorization data and policy they need.

Getting Started

OPAL is available both as python packages with a built-in CLI as well as pre-built docker images.

Need help?

Come talk to us about OPAL, or authorization in general - we would love to hear from you ❤️

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You can also ask questions and request features to be added to the road-map in our Github discussions. Issues should be reported in Github issues.

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